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The Khoosheh farming toxin manufacturing company will offer its products with the highest quality and new packaging

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The products of the cluster company are supplied with the highest quality

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    About our company

    The company produces various clay agricultural pesticides in the country in 1992, and has released its products in the new year with new packaging and new formulation. The products of the company are agricultural pesticides in the field of herbicides, insecticides, detergents, fungicides and ticks.

    Why choose us?

    Health license
    All products manufactured by the cluster company have a health insurance
    How to use it
    In each product manufactured by the cluster company, the correct training is described
    Officially licensed
    All products manufactured by the company are licensed by the relevant organizations
    free consultation
    Free advice for purchasing various agricultural toxins from spice company
    quality of products
    The products Of cluster company are manufactured in excellent quality
    New production line
    In the production of cluster products, the most modern equipment is used
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